Hanz Bon – Stylist – Studio 6

Hi, let me quickly introduce myself. My name is Hans Bon. I was born in the Netherlands and came to the United States in 1978 of which the last 30 years here in Port Charlotte.

I am the father of 2 sons ages 33 and 30 years old of which the youngest one I raised as a single parent. I also am a happy Opa (grandpa) of a busy 3 year old grandson named Anthony. Before becoming a Hair Stylist I worked for 22 years as a analytical chemist in the environmental field. After 22 years i started to get “bored” an “burned out” with my career in the environmental field and decided to start, at age 43, a whole new career as a hairstylist.

I am so glad to have chosen this new career; I just love it !! In the beginning of my training I often thought I was never “gonna get it…” But as time went on I started to understand more and more about the different types of hair structures and how to give that hair movement and direction and how to cut the different styles, how to figure out what color looks great and which color would not.

I guess I could say that my specialty is the shorter ladies cuts, I just love to cut the short styles, be it a wispy pixie, a short blunt cut bob or a funky short razor cut, done free-style.

When styling, I use the European method of blow-dry styling, a concept of styling with the use of a blow dryer and a combination of different sized round brushes, which is a gentler method for your hair then the use of a hot curling iron. besides ladies cuts I also offer men’s and childrens haircuts. So guys , if it is a super “high and tight” you are looking for, a funky razor cut, a neat all scissor cut or just a change in style come and see me.